Peanut Butter & Crackers


Get ready for creamy peanut butter, crunchy honey wheat crackers, unsweetened applesauce, bite-size baked cheddar crackers, and a sun-kissed strawberry fruit strip for dessert! 

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Reviewed by OrganicGirl on August 31, 2016
I ate this for lunch. I wasn't sure it would be enough to keep me full, but the contents just seemed to multiply while I ate. Peanut butter, crackers, fruit snacks, apple sauce, and cheddar bunnies! The perfect amount of food for lunch. Quick, easy, and convenient!
Reviewed by Monica on August 31, 2016
These are great to have on hand for days when getting out of the door is a chore. They are also easy for my husband to use when I am out of town for work and make those busy mornings less stressful for him. My kids LOVE this one.
Pawtucket, RI
Reviewed by Cindy on August 31, 2016
We stocked up on these meals thinking the kids would love them. And...they absolutely do! I love them as well (except I do add a bit of sugar to the apple sauce). The only criticism I have is that I'd like to see more peanut butter in the meal. We're lucky if we cover four crackers. Other than that, love it!
Madison, wi
Reviewed by Bea on August 31, 2016
I love this meal, its my total favorite. It has everything I love and fills me up. Which I found found surprising. I will be ordering these soon: )
Cary NC
Reviewed by Beth on August 31, 2016
Not bad- but I wouldn't buy it again. The peanut butter is really messy unless you knead it really really well. I didn't think the cheddar crackers were great, and the jelly jets are all sugar. Does the trick but I'd get the sun butter meal instead.
Renton, WA
Reviewed by Baxter's Mom on August 31, 2016
We saw these on sale at [@] and decided to give them a try. These are now a staple in our pantry b/c they are convenient, healthy, filling and tasty! My husband works out of his car so these make the perfect lunch since they are portable and require no refrigeration.

6 Item(s)


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