Traditional Hummus & Multi-Seed Crackers


Get ready for creamy hummus, crunchy multi-seed crackers, sweet + spicy fruit & nut mix, energy-packed edamame seed blend, and a chewy chocolate rice crisp bar for dessert!

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Falls Church, V
Reviewed by Maureen on August 31, 2016
All in all and great snack pack/meal. A few things I would improve

1. More crackers

2. Didn't both the edamame AND the trail mix

3. The hummus was difficult to open

I can't wait to try all the other vareities.
Indianapolis, I
Reviewed by Libba on August 31, 2016
Bought at airport instead of unhealthy alternatives.
Reviewed by KDubbs on August 31, 2016
I came across this product, and decided I had to try it. Dairy Free and Gluten Free, that is right up my alley. My stomach agrees! It filled me up, and tasted great! I went back and bought 2 more to keep handy for me, when I forget to prepare my lunches.
The Woodlands,
Reviewed by jjr on August 31, 2016
Love having health real food that i can keep in my desk. It is just what I need on those days I don't have time to make or go out for lunch.
Americus, GA
Reviewed by hotdoughmighty on August 31, 2016
I picked up a ready to eat hummus and cracker GoPicnic meal at a local store to take with me to a hospital. I was looking for something small, portable and healthy that didn't require refrigeration. I got all that and it was tasty too...who knew!!!
Austin, TX
Reviewed by Brianne on August 31, 2016
I love bringing this to work; it's super quick and easy, so I have plenty of time to spend my break doing other things. The hummus is DELICIOUS, probably the best I've ever had. I love the crackers, even though I don't usually look for gluten-free things. Everything is great.
Cary NC
Reviewed by Beth on August 31, 2016
This is really good! As with all go picnic meals, I wish it came with a napking, but super tasty.
Des Moines, Iow
Reviewed by AshBash on August 31, 2016
I work in a place with little choices on food. This is the perfect thing for me to throw in my bag and enjoy throughout the day. Absolutely in love with this product. Had the hummus today. Yesterday, I enjoyed one with asaigo spread and turkey sasuage, perfection.
Reviewed by A.H. on August 31, 2016
I am a very busy college student. We have "on-the-go" meal options associated with our dining courts for those of us who do not have time to have a sit down meal. They started offering gopicnics in our "on-the-go," and I have found them to be the perfect fit for me. I can quickly grab the box and head to class. Quick meals aren't generally healthy, so I was very enthused to find this product!

Items 11 to 19 of 19 total

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