Scrumptious Lunches Month-o-Lunch

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We’re here to make your life easier + tastier, with our Month-o-Lunch variety packs! 24 assorted meals--that’s enough lunch for every weekday for a month, plus a couple of spares to share with a friend or to fuel a road trip! We also throw in a handy reusable GoPicnic tote bag so you can take your meals along to work, school, or the beach.

This GoPicnic Month-o-Lunch includes 6 Turkey Stick & BBQ Chips meals, 6 Beef Salami & Asiago Cheese meals, 6 Traditional Hummus & Multiseed Crackers meals, 6 Peanut Butter & Crackers meals, and a convenient reusable GoPicnic Tote Bag to carry it all in!