Meat + Cheese Lovers Variety 6-Pack

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Do you love mixing meat and cheese as much as we do? Enjoy two of GoPicnic's most mouth-watering ready-to-eat meals with meat and cheese, combined into one convenient variety pack! High on taste, low on guilt! Six delicious, nutritionally balanced, ready-to-eat meals in handy picnic boxes. Just grab a drink, spread out your GoPicnic, and let your taste buds come out and play. No refrigeration, preparation, or wicker basket required! 

Your Meat + Cheese Variety Pack includes:

-3 Turkey Slices & Cheddar Meals 
-3 Beef Cheese & Pita Chips Meals

The foods in GoPicnic meals contain no trans fats, no added MSG, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Each meal contains five individually-wrapped food items and utensils as required. Your day is full, you’re on empty, and you need savory, guilt-free meat cheese pick-me-up. Time to GoPicnic!